• Audio Precision Seminar 2015 [ 15-May-2015 ]
2015-05-22 10:11:35

We just had the excellent Audio Precision Seminar 2015 at Hotel Equatorial Penang on 15-May.

- Speaker of the day : Mr. Kris Jackson - International Sales Director of the Audio Precision U.S.

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AP Seminar 2015


APx555 Overview

APx555 High Performance Analog :

o Overview of Audio Distortion Measurement

o Analog Architectur

o System Distortion Performanc

o Compared to SYS-272

APx Software Overview :

o Sequence Mode

o Bench Mode

Advanced Digital I/O

Advanced Master Clock

Converter Testing with APx555

What’s New in APx Test Software version 4.1

Dolby MS11 Test Suite

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