Industrial Automation Solutions


■ The leading provider in the development of flexible DAQ test & measurement and control systems for test automation applications worldwide.

● Gantner Instruments DAQ modules outperform our competitors with high-precision, high-speed, and long-life modules that adapt to any environment or application.
● Q.series modular measurement and conditioning systems are currently used in the following applications:

Aerospace: Military and private Engine Testing & Analysis
Train & Rail: Engine Performance and Analysis
Crane Testing: Super Crane Multi-Point Strain Monitoring & Testing
EV Battery Labs: Battery Testing
Bridge/Structural Strain/Health Monitoring: Problems can be discovered or monitored before a catastrophic event
Wind Turbines: Blade Stress & Performance Testing
Automotive Powertrain: Stress & Performance Testing
Industrial/Manufacturing Process Control: Signal Conditioning & Monitoring
PV Monitoring: String Panel Monitoring & Reporting
Fusion Technology: Extreme Temperature Range Monitoring & Reporting

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■ The industry technology leader for low power, rugged, embedded, and extended temperature designs. 

● Since 1985, MPL has been developing and manufacturing embedded computers and systems for tough environments and for applications with highest reliability requirements.
Products & Services:

Rugged Embedded Computers, MIL-COTS, Fanless Panel Computes, Embedded CPU boards, Rugged peripherals, Industrial Networking
Designing & Manufacturing of embedded computer and micro-controller hardware for rugged environment, extended temperature range and with long term availability. 

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