Software Security Planning & Solutions
■ Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) provides commercial software for designing, developing and operating missions within the aerospace, defense and intelligence communities.

● AGI products are used for modeling, engineering and operations in the areas of space, cyberspace, aircraft, missile defense, C4ISR and electronic systems. 
● Solutions for :

Orbit determination, Rendezvous and proximity operations, Spacecraft design and operations, Imagery and map data
System performance analysis, Communication link analysis, Radar analysis, Conjunction analysis
Orbit trajectory modeling, Maneuver modeling, Sensor modeling, Antenna modeling, Aircraft and UAV modeling, Terrain and cityscape modeling

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■ The leading provider of graphical user interface software and customized 3-D virtual maintenance training solutionsa.

● Flagship product, GL Studio, delivers advanced high-performance 3-D user interfaces to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries. Jaguar Land Rover, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin choose GL Studio for its performance, fidelity, and reliability in interface development and deployment. Whether for avionics, instrument clusters, infotainment systems, medical devices, or flight simulators, GL Studio exceeds the developers interface demands.
● Services : 

Human Machine Interfaces
Virtual Maintenance Training

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■ SCALABLE develops high-performance communications simulation software used by governmental and military organizations, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises around the world.

● SCALABLE’s industry-leading network simulation technology delivers an integrated workflow solution for planning, analysis, testing, evaluation, and operation that outperforms other tools in speed, performance, and cost savings.
● The training systems provide trainees with a highly realistic interactive environment to learn how to operate and defend sophisticated communications networks.

Network Simulation :
   -QualNet: for accurate faster-than-real-time network simulations that can scale to large enterprise-wide systems.
  -EXata: for real-time network emulation and system-in-the-loop operation (integrating hardware, applications, and humans).
Cyber Training : A Network Defense Trainer system enables guided free-play exercises which allow trainees to acquire measurable hands-on skills.
Joint Network Emulator :  The JNE real-time simulation platform provides military personnel and defense contractors with a live-virtual-constructive (LVC) environment to plan network architectures and missions, test new radios in operationally accurate contexts and "at scale" deployments, and train warfighters on operational behavior.
Govt & Commercial Contracting : SCALABLE provides custom software solutions and engineering services to commercial enterprises, defense contractors, US government agencies, research organizations and universities around the world.

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■ Software developer for distributed simulation. Leveraging a strong foundation of COTS software products, MÄK works with customers to build and populate compelling 3D simulated environments.

● Provides hands-on experience in modeling Telecoms theory and "Signals & Systems" Provides radar training systems, optimized on the needs of air traffic operators, military users and universities.
● Solutions for :

Transportation industrie

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■ The pioneer of the world’s most reliable, scalable, and readily deployed Kinetic Mesh network technology – with large, trusted installations providing 24x7x365 communications in some of the most demanding environments imaginable. 

● RAJANT offers a variety of wireless BreadCrumb network nodes and configurations to meet your unique Kinetic Mesh networking needs.
● Solutions for :

From the BreadCrumb LX family and ME models to the ultra-portable BreadCrumb JR and the multi-BreadCrumb RAPTR, Rajant has the combination of form factors, radios and functionality to address any need. 
All Rajant BreadCrumbs are ruggedized – designed specifically to withstand the challenging conditions encountered in military, mining, first responder and other applications.

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