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■ The recognized standard in audio test - the finest audio analyzers in the world.

● AP has continued to innovate, with the industry’s first and most extensive multichannel audio analyzer, the only HDMI audio analyzer in the world, the only 24-bit, one megahertz FFTs, the lowest THD+N and flattest response, and the most advanced digital serial interface of any analyzer available.
Devices and Technologies:

Converters, Digital Recorders, Digital Interfaces, Digital Protocols, Disc Players, Dolby-dts Compliance
HDMI, Loudspeakers, Mixing Consoles, MP3 Players
PC Audio, Power Amps (class D), Power Amps (linear), Production Test & Receivers. 

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The leading company in the area of head-related recording and playback systems and aurally-accurate analysis of sound events, as well as in the field of communication measurement technology. 

● In close cooperation with the automotive industry, HEAD acoustics has developed hardware and software solutions for measuring and analyzing sound events on the basis of aurally-accurate recording and playback systems, which have become today's industry standard. In addition, HEAD acoustics researched and developed numerous internationally-approved measurement tools in other fields of vibration and communication technology. 
A pioneer in developing innovative technologies, such as :

Head-related stereophony, hearing-related analyses 
Interactive sound simulation systems
Transfer path analysis

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■ One of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision measurement instruments for sound and vibration applications.

Starting with an order to the Anglo-French supersonic Concorde project, NORSONIC has for more than 40 years used our technical expertise to develop sound instrumentation of high precision and quality. Combining advanced technology and user-friendliness, NORSONIC focuses on the user and applications rather than on the complexity of the instrument.
● Products :

Building Acoustics
Environmental Monitoring
Industrial Hygiene
Test Systems 

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■ Established in 1992, MCP is a manufacturer of AC/DC power supplies, electronic testing instruments and other associated products. 

● Wtih ISO 9001:2000-certified by Intertek, MCP produces product orders under ISO 9001:2000 guidelines in the most economical production.
● Products :

Power Supply
Test Instruments

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